Ways to Reduce Your Property Tax

The following information is provided in an effort to help reduce your property tax burden. All applications are attached to our website, available at the West Paris Town Office, or by visiting the Maine Revenue Services website at www.maine.gov/revenue/propertytax. 


Property Tax Exemptions


Homestead Exemption - 

     Under this law, homeowners are eligible for a $25,000.00 reduction in valuation. In order to qualify, you must have owned homestead property in Maine for at least twelve months prior to April 1st and make the property you occupy your permanent residence.


Veteran's Exemption - 

     A homeowner may be eligible for a reduction in the valuation of their property if they:

          1. Have their permanent residence in West Paris on April 1st.

          2. Are a veteran who was honorable discharged.

          3. Served during a recognized war period in the U.S. Armed Forces.

          4. Are 62 years old or older or an unremarried widow/widower of a qualifying veteran.

          5. Are under 62 years old but 100% disabled due to a service-related disability.

     An application along with proof of service and discharge, such as a copy of their DD214 must be provided. For veteran's who served during World War II or later, the exemption is a $6,000.00 reduction in valuation.    


Paraplegic Veteran - 

     A veteran who received a federal grant for a specially adapted housing unit may receive an exemption of $50,000.00 in valuation.


Blind Exemption - 

     A homeowner who is determined to be legally blind by a medical doctor receives a $4,000.00 exemption.


All of the above exemptions require a completed application and may require additional information to support the claim for exemption. All applications must be submitted to the West Paris Town Office no later than April 1st every year.